Rava Brunod duo

Maurizio Brunod: classical, electric guitar, live sampling
Enrico Rava: trumpet and althorn

The Brunod-Rava Duo project begins when the two musicians meet at a concert in trio with Miroslav Vitous.

Enrico Rava is the most famous Italian trumpetis in the world. Born in Trieste in 1939, he grew up in Turin, where he started to play as a self-taught in dixielands bands. After moving to Rome in the early sixties, he started many collaborations, the most important with Gato Barbieri and Steve Lacy. In 1966 he moved to Argentina and recorded the famous The Forest and the Zoo, one of the best 10 Free Jazz records. Later he lived in New York for about ten years, working with many important musicians, most of all Lee Konitz, Pat Metheny, Michel Petrucciani, John Abercrombie, Joe Henderson, Paul Motian, Richard Galliano, Miroslav Vitous, Joe Lovano, Roswell Rudd and The Jazz Composer Orchestra, and being part of the achievement of the historic Carla Bley’s Escalator over the Hill. In 1972 he realised his first record as a leader of a quartet, Il giro del giorno in 80 mondi. Presently he is leader of a quintet with Gianluca Petrella (trombone), Roberto Gatto (drums), Rosario Bonaccorso (bass) and Andrea Pozza (piano, as the replacer of Stefano Bollani), that fulfilled many record with the ECM. With the Jazz Lab (in the role of director since 2009) of the Auditorium Parco della Musica he achieved different projects, such as Rava plays Gerwish and Rava on the Dancefloor, a tribute to Micheal Jackson with Mauro Ottolini. In 2007 he had a nomination as Best Jazz Act at the Italian Jazz Awards and in 2008 he won the Best Jazz Album prize for The Third Man record, in duo with Stefano Bollani.

The Brunod-Rava Duo is an unreleased project: Rava’s tracks re-arranged by Brunod, plus some reworked standards, with sounds that move from classical experience to psichedelic atmospheres, thanks to electric guitar loops and effects. An absolute brand new concert, staged only three times by now.