Billie Holiday Projects

Maurizio Brunod: electric guitar, live sampling, loop
Lorenzo Cominoli: classical guitar, acoustic guitar, archtop guitar
Sonia Spinello: voice, reciter

In occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Billie Holiday in 2015, three leading figures of the contemporary italian jazz bring on stage their personal tribute to this great artist.
“Billie015” is a trip in the life and songs sung by one of the greatest jazz performer of all time. Billie herself here talks and tells us about an anguished life, too often scattered with unfortunate encounters, abuses, injustices, but also a lot of wonderful music. A music that is like a medecine for one’s soul.
The pieces sung by Sonia Spinello and accompanied by the guitars of Lorenzo Cominoli and Maurizio Brunod get involved in this tale. Like many photographs in black and white, they depict the protagonist and describe perfectly her every grief and joy.
The touch of the well-known guitarist Maurizio Brunod contaminates the stricter mark of the beginning of jazz with his modern and experimental style. He creates a game of contrasts between modern and classic, resiviting the most popular piecese of the great performer in a contemporary light.