Enten Eller

Alberto Mandarini – trumpet
Maurizio Brunod – guitar
Giovanni Maier – double bass
Massimo Barbiero – drums
Special guest:
Javier Girotto – sax soprano, flute
Emanuele Parrini – violin

Between the Italian formations on the current musical scene, the quartet Enten Eller is one of the more stable and over the 25 years of activity it has reached a more defined appearance, in which different ingredients mix with great vitality.
It’s in first place an encounter between writing and improvisation, that look for balance and constant and mutual incitements. But it’s also the turnover of moments of lyrical and chambre music, where the attention is focused on the timbre and the texture. And also episodes with a pronounced rhythm, influenced by Afro-American avantgards or by the 70’s progressive rock.
The four involved personalities, even if with soloists backgrounds, look over all for a common sound. The group is held mostly by the drummer Massimo Barbiero (leader of the percussion ensamble Odwalla) and by the guitarist Maurizio Brunod, who together founded the group. Both from Ivrea, they made their first steps into the stimulating Cooperativa Musica Creativa of Turin.
The band recorded 12 albums, often deserving a place between the firsts in the referendums Top jazz of “Musica Jazz” and JazzIt Awards of “JazzIt”.
They hosted a number of great guests: Tim Berne, , Achille Succi, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Javier Girotto, Carlo Actis Dato etc.
In 2016 the band celebrates 30 years of activity, as one of the most enduring bands in the Italian landscape.