Extrema ratio

Maurizio Brunod: electric, Acoustic guitar, fx
Danilo Gallo: electric bass, Balalaika bass, fx
Massimo Barbiero: percussion, drums, Kalimba, glokenspiel, Wave drum

This newly-formed trio, composed of musicians of great experience and broad musical horizons, proposes original pieces and free improvisations.
This project employs some quite unusual instruments, such as bass balalaika, kalimba, glokenspiel, wave drum, and heavily processed guitars and bass. This makes it peculiar and far from the classic sonorities of a guitar-bass-drums trio.
Its musical influences stretch from jazz to folk, from progressive rock to avantgardes.
The first album of this alternative and engaging formation comes out in June 2016, with the name of “Extrema Ratio”, with Caligola Records.